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Python Reticulated Health Information

The Reticulated Python requires an enclosure that is at least half their size in length and a third of their length in width. They should be kept at tropical temperatures and humididty levels.

The Reticulated Python should be provided with a dish of water that is large enough for soaking.

It is important to wash your hands after feeding, to remove the scent of the food, so that your hands no longer smell like food to the snake. The Reticulated Python should be fed large rodents, such as Guinea Pigs, or rabbits. It is advised to feed frozen food rather that live to prevent accidemts. Many of the accidents with large/superlarge constricters occur during live feeding. Accidents may involve the snake and/or the keeper. Avoid moving your hands quickly or suddenly in front of the snake. It is also not advised to reach into a dark place where a hand could be mistaken by a snake as food. Lastly, it is not advised to enter or stay in a large constricter's room or cage when there are food items in the room.

The Reticulated Python is generally sexually mature between two and four years of age. They generally breed between September and March, although they usually don't breed every year. They will become receptive to breeding if the amount of light provided to the enclosure each day and the temperature are both lowered. The female Reticulated Python lays a clutch of between 25 and 80 eggs, which she incubates for between 80 and 90 days. She keeps the eggs several degrees above the ambient temperature (usually around 88 degrees Fahrenheit) by twitching her muscles as she is coiled around them.

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