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Python Jungle Carpet Health Information

Adult Jungle Carpet Python enclosures should usually have at least five to six square feet of ground area and should have adequate height to allow for climbing. Jungle Carpet Pythons should be kept between 80 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit and have a daytime basking spot about 90 - 95 degrees. The nighttime temperature should be between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Moderate humidity should be maintained, and a water bowl should always be available. Adults should be allowed a water bowl large enough for them to soak in. Jungle Carpet Pythons tend to spend a good deal of time off their cage floors when they are allowed perches. Ideally, they would be given a hiding area on the cage floor in addition to branches or perches.

It has been observed that some Jungle Carpet Pythons do not like rats, but most will accept mice or small rabbits readily.

Often, in breeding Jungle Carpet Pythons, breeders attempt to create animals with purer yellow or gold markings and less sootiness in the pattern. They have been bred quite frequently in captivity. Hatchling Jungle Carpet Pythons can often be started on pinkie mice, though many do better with larger prey items like hopper mice. Many may bite, although with regular handling this seems to cease. It is recommended that they be picked up with a snake hook and then placed into the hand to help avoid being bitten.

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