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African Egg Eating Snake behavior

The African Egg Eating Snake, though not widespread in captivity, is a truly fascinating reptile. It is unique in its eating habits, and can make a rare and impressive pet.

Normally nocturnal, African Egg Eating Snakes usually spend days hiding in a sheltered area. Often a rock or log can provide a sheltered hiding spot. In the wild, most eggs eaten by African Egg Eating Snakes are laid by Weaver Birds. These snakes are adept at tree climbing, which is often important when the snake accesses birds' nests. Before consuming an egg, the African Egg Eating Snake will first test the egg with its tongue to ensure that it is not rotten. The snake then holds the egg in its constricting coils as it pushes its head over the egg. Amazingly, the African Egg Eating Snake can swallow eggs that are up to three times the size of its head. After swallowing the egg, pleated folds of gum tissue expand and contract to suck the egg further inside the snake. A series of tooth-like structures located at the back of the neck pierce the egg as the African Egg Eating Snake bends its head sharply. After the contents of the egg have been evacuated through these piercings, the eggshell will be regurgitated, flattened and emptied though whole. The defense of the African Egg Eating Snake includes coiling and straightening motions in rapid succession, rasping or hissing noises, and occasionally striking out. However, because they lack teeth, bites from African Egg Eating Snakes are largely harmless. Many African Egg Eating Snakes are said to be relatively docile, and do not often make threatening or defensive displays.

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