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Rat Snake Russian behavior

The Russian Ratsnake has often been called the friendliest of large snakes. Also known as the Korean or Amur Ratsnake, this snake is very curious and personable, and makes a great pet for those who love reptiles.

Native to wetlands and farmlands where small rodents abound, the Russian Ratsnake is semi-arboreal, and this means that you should equip its terrarium with lots of sturdy branches and shelves so the large snake can amuse itself and exercise. This snake's large size also dictates a very large terrarium. A 30-gallon long tank will do quite nicely for an adult. Russian Ratsnakes love to soak, so be sure a bowl of water is present in the terrarium at all times. The Russian Ratsnake is native to a cold climate, with short springs and summers. In the wild, the Russian Ratsnake breeds in the spring and incubates the eggs for about two months. This means the Amur Ratsnake develops very quickly before hatching and grows quickly once out of the egg. Russian Ratsnakes hatch in the warm months, and if you wish to breed them you will need to hibernate them for a couple months. It has been noted that Russian Ratsnakes breed in a very similar fashion to Kingsnakes. The Russian Ratsnake likes smaller food, like pinkie or fuzzy mice and rats. They are diurnal and captive-bred specimens typically do not bite. All in all, the Russian Ratsnake is very easy to keep, and because of its amiable and curious nature, makes a very appealing pet.

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