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Python White Lipped behavior

The D'Alberts Python, also known as the White-Lipped Python is treasured by collectors because of its beauty.

In the wild, D'Alberts Python is native to the warm, damp tropical forests of Papua New Guinea, Northern Australia, and the surrounding islands. There are two subspecies, one living in the northern area of the range, and one southern. Nocturnal hunters, the D'Alberts Python is fast and deadly to small animals or lizards who cross its path. In captivity, this feisty temperament is highly evident. D'Alberts Pythons should be kept in separate enclosures unless breeding, because of their testiness. D'Alberts Pythons kept in the wild are extremely difficult to tame and it is recommended that only captive born and raised pythons are kept as pets. Even these are quick to bite and try to escape, so it is important to use caution when handling these pythons. Tamer D'Alberts Pythons will hide their heads beneath their coils when stressed, but the majority of these pythons will simply attempt escape, which may involve biting. Like all snakes, it is essential that D'Alberts Pythons be given hide boxes so they can feel safe when stressed. Stress can occur from excessive handling, since D'Alberts Python is typically antisocial. Due to their native humid climate, the D'Alberts Python requires at least 75% humidity in its enclosure, and it should have a soaking bowl, since these gorgeous snakes love to soak. Since they climb naturally in the wild, D'Alberts Python needs a few limbs in the cage to allow it exercise and comfort. Typically, D'Alberts Pythons are good feeders and prefer to feed at night. D'Alberts Pythons requires caution and lots of care and is definitely not for children or beginning hobbyists.

Often imported from the wild, caught D'Alberts Python generally do not make good or tame pets. Of the two subspecies, the southern or black subspecies is generally much more expensive to buy than the lighter, northern subspecies.

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