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Python Reticulated behavior

The Reticulated Python is one of the largest snakes known to man. While once very common throughout their range, their numbers are diminishing due to habitat destruction and human predation.

The solitary Reticulated Python makes its home in the humid atmosphere of tropical rainforests. They spend much of their time on or near water and rarely venture far from their preferred pond or river. They can be very aggressive feeders which, coupled with their voracious appetites, make them a threat to any prey animal that ventures near. In the wild, Reticulated Pythons can be found dining on many different mammals and birds. After a large meal, the Reticulated Python will generally remain quite inactive for an extended period of time. When eating deer and other antlered animal, the snake will sometimes devour the animal hindquarters first rather than in its usual headfirst fashion. When it reaches the antlers, it will stop eating and allow the acids in its stomach to digest the animal, waiting until the antlers break down and drop off before completing its meal. Some specimens of Reticulated Pythons, especially those snakes that were caught in the wild, can be quite aggressive. The best way to ensure your Reticulated Python is relatively non-agressive is to acquire a captive-born Python rather than a wild-caught one, and to handle it regularly. Regardless of how a Retic is aquired or raised, an adult is potentially deadly, and they are not recommended for children or people who do not have experience with very large snakes.

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