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Python Calabar Burrowing behavior

The Calabar Burrowing Python is also known as the Calabria, the Calabar Python, the West African Burrowing Python, the Burrowing Python, and the West African Ground Python. While all of these names utilize the word "python," there is some debate as to whether this snake is actually a boid. They are small, non-aggressive snakes, especially for constrictors.

Like many other animals that derive their name from their lifestyle, the Calabar Burrowing Python is a burrowing snake. While primarily terrestrial, the Calabar Burrowing Python has been known to climb into small bushes and on fallen logs. They are mostly nocturnal, although some members of the species have been observed foraging, hunting and even eating during the day. Daytime activity is most common between September and March. . They are adept at raiding mouse nests and are capable of constricting over four nestlings at once. When threatened, the snake is more likely to assume defensive posturing then attack. They usually roll themselves into balls when threatened, often with their head at the center of the ball. When first threatened, they press their chin onto the ground and wave their tail slightly. The tail resembles the head, confusing predators.

The Calabar Burrowing Python is currently classified with boids and is considered one of the Erycine families. They are very difficult to classify because they share characteristics with other snakes and are significantly different from other Erycines in several ways. For example, they are oviparous, meaning they lay eggs, while most other Erycines give birth to live young. Their skulls are similar in structure, to both the Ball Python and the Rubber Boa. Many scientists place the Calabar Burrowing Python in the family calbaridae, in which it would be the only member. With this taxonomy, it would be one of the pseudoboa groups.

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