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Hognose Western behavior

The Western Hognose snake can be described as 'the drama-queen of the reptile world'! Its best defense is its mimic act.

A great entertainer when frightened, the Western Hognose Snake is generally docile. Its favorite imitations are those of the rattlesnake and the cobra! Though generally peaceable and shy, when faced with a predator the Western Hognose is left with no choice but to take action. It coils itself up, and like a Cobra fans out its head and neck. Like a Rattlesnake, the Western Hognose Snake will begin to strike repeatedly- though not necessarily in the direction of the danger. Should this convincing display fail to scare away the danger, the Western Hognose will dramatically drop to the ground, stick its tongue out, writhe with mouth open, roll over, and freeze into a role-play of death. Should you think you are clever and roll it over again, it will immediately flop onto its back and play dead until it feels danger is past. In captivity, this performer will cease to act once it is used to your presence, but the behavior is instinctual - even captive born babies will indulge in acting occasionally. In the wild, however, the Western Hognose would be better off slithering quickly away - most mammals and birds of prey have no qualms about eating a "dead" snake. These snakes can be stubborn eaters, and some become impossible to feed, so it is best to buy captive bred snakes, which have already eaten several meals. In the winter, Western Hognose snakes hibernate, and in captivity will not eat from October to December. A fresh bowl of water is also important at all times. Hibernation should be simulated in captivity by slowing lowering the temperature in your Western Hognose snake's enclosure. When the snake has not eaten for two weeks, move it onto some aspen bedding in a sweater box and keep it in a dark place at about 57 degrees Fahrenheit, simulating the always-dark rodent hole he would use in the wild. Provide fresh water and check the Western Hognose Snake each week; should he seem sick or thin, gradually "thaw" the snake by raising the temperature over a period of days and then treat him.

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