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Hognose eastern behavior

The Eastern Hognose snakes are popular for their easy temperament, fairly small size, and coloring. They are also known for their acting abilities.

The Eastern Hognose is a rear fanged, mildly venomous, snake. They rarely bite, even in self-defense. In fact, they have a special defense mechanism, playing dead. If the Eastern Hognose is threatened, it will coil up and fan its head, which makes it look like a cobra. It proceeds to hit and jab with its neck, but it normally won't bite. If these actions do not ward off the threat, the Eastern Hognose will pretend to be in pain, and will roll onto its back. It effectively plays dead. Its mouth will be open throughout the act. To prevent swallowing dirt, there is a lining in the back of the snakes mouth that seals its esophagus, and extra saliva is produced. The Eastern Hognose will continue the act until it feels it is safe. When kept in captivity, the Eastern Hognose will stop acting after a few times. In captivity the Eastern Hognoses should be kept in medium to large habitats with a deep, loose, and sandy substrate. Some vegetation should be included. They use their noses to burrow into the sand, making their homes underground. The Eastern Hognose likes to move frequently, making new homes.

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