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Garter Snake Canadian behavior

The Plains Garter Snake is a calmer version of the typical Eastern Garter Snake. In the wild, this Garter Snake makes a great pest-controller, and makes a fine pet.

Found in the drier grasslands of northern North America, this snake is also known as the Canadian Plains Garter Snake. A diurnal hunter, the Plains Garter Snake must regulate its own body temperature, and spends it days in sun-basking and hunting food. Very docile, these snakes are not as aggressive as other Garter Snakes and will not bite at perceived threat but rather emit a foul odor from their scent glands. If the Plains Garter Snake feels trapped, he will curl into a ball, raise his tail, and wag it back and forth. Generally, these Garter Snakes take refuge in other animals' burrows or under rocks or logs. They hibernate for at least six months of the year during the cold season. Plains Garter Snakes are often found hibernating with other species of snakes and sometimes use people's basements as hibernacula. Very small or young Plains Garter Snakes will even use old ant mounds for this purpose. In captivity, hibernation should be effected by temperature control and ample food and space must be provided. It has been reported that males may become aggressive towards each other during mating season, and for this reason should be housed in different enclosures during this time.

The Plains Garter Snake may be kept as a pet because it has a more docile nature than other Garter Snakes. In the wild, it is not particularly endangered and readily adapts to a variety of habitats.

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