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Python Jungle Carpet basic information

At maturity, Jungle Carpet Pythons grow to lengths between five and a half and eight and a half feet (three meters average). Females are usually larger than males. The bodies of Jungle Carpet Pythons are slender, and their triangular heads are well defined. Their tails are prehensile and strong. Usually, the lips are pitted and the scales of the head are quite small. Jungle Carpet Pythons usually have a dark pattern on their heads, often a well-defined skull and crossbones shape. Often there are dark bars over the lips and behind the eyes. The eyes are commonly dark and have dark lines below them. Usually the most striking coloration of the body is seen in young adult Jungle Carpet Pythons. These animals have bright yellow or gold markings on a black background. These rings are usually dark and pale, with paler rings sometimes forming blotches over the back and sides. The blotches over a Jungle Carpet Python's sides tend to be elongated. Younger animals tend to have more monochromatic colorings, usually gray patterns on a black background. Older animals often acquire a black hint in their yellow areas, and some older individuals become sooty in coloration. A pale stripe runs down the backs of some Jungle Carpet Pythons. Some have zigzag stripes, though in some the line is straight. Usually Jungle Carpet Pythons with this stripe show some imperfection or break in the line. Sometimes it is simply made up of connected dorsal blotches. Juvenile Carpet Pythons don't have the yellow color common to adults, instead they have more of a light tan color until they reach adulthood.

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