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Corn Snake basic information

Corn Snake hatchlings are about 9 to 14 inches long. Adults may be anywhere between 24 and 72 inches, though most sexually mature Corn Snakes are at least 30 inches long, and most do not grow larger than 60 inches. Males will often grow longer than females. The Corn Snake's three primary pigments are yellow, red, and black. The wild-type Corn Snake's dorsal ground color is typically reddish, yellowish, or a shade of gray or tan. Darker large blotches, which are usually a red or orange color and outlined in black, run from the neck all the way down the back, and smaller blotches are often present on the sides. The blotch on the neck branches off into two long stripe-like blotches that run along the top of the head, meeting in a point between the eyes. This marking resembles a spearhead. The scales are very weakly keeled, and the Corn Snake has a divided anal plate. Ventrally the Corn Snake is whitish with staggered black rectangular or square shaped markings that give the underside a characteristic checkerboard appearance. This is a highly variable species that differs somewhat throughout its large range; and there are characteristics typical of certain locality types, giving rise to recognized phases of Corn Snake. The Okeetee Corn Snake has a bright orange ground color and reddish blotches. It was named after a plantation in South Carolina where this attractive morph was often found, but today the name "Okeetee" is frequently used for any similar looking Corn Snake, regardless of its origins. The Miami Phase Corn Snake is, as the name suggests, a common variety in and around Miami, Florida. This phase has a gray ground color with reddish orange blotches. In addition, selective breeding of Corn Snakes has produced a seemingly endless array color and pattern morphs for hobbyists to choose from.

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